Mediation Board

The ONT-IAC Mediation Board is an official voting body established to formally hear disputes that are not resolved at the Technical Staff Group level. The ONT-IAC Mediation Board only reviews matters appealed to it by Affected Agencies. The ONT-IAC Mediation Board is comprised of the following: elected and appointed officials of the Participating Agencies as outlined below and two members representing the public. The members representing the Participating Agencies should have land use, planning, and/or public hearing experience. Members of the ONT-IAC Mediation Board include:

  • Two members representing the City of Ontario;
  • One member representing the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA);
  • Two public representatives, one with aviation experience; and
  • Two members representing the disputing Agency.


ONT-IAC Mediation Board At-Large Application

ONT-IAC Mediation Board Member Form