FAA Notification Process

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducts aeronautical studies to determine the impact of a proposed structure, an existing structure that has not yet been studied by the FAA, or an alteration of an existing structure on aeronautical operations, procedures, and the safety of flight. The FAA will issue a determination stating whether the proposed construction or alteration would be a hazard to air navigation, and will advise all known interested persons.

When to Notify the FAA

The requirements for filing with the FAA for proposed structures vary based on a number of factors: height, proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure, etc. For more details, please reference Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 14 Part 77.9. FAA requires you to file at least 45 days prior to construction if:

  • Your structure will exceed 200ft above ground level;
  • Your structure will be in proximity to an airport and will exceed the slope ratio;
  • Your structure involves construction of a traverseway (i.e. highway, railroad, waterway etc…) and once adjusted upward with the appropriate vertical distance would exceed a standard of 77.9(a) or (b) your structure will emit frequencies, and does not meet the conditions of the FAA Co-location Policy;
  • Your structure will be in an instrument approach area and might exceed part 77 Subpart C;
  • Your proposed structure will be in proximity to a navigation facility and may impact the assurance of navigation signal reception your structure will be on an airport or heliport; or
  • Filing has been requested by the FAA

FAA has created a Notice Criteria tool to assist sponsors with determining if a project should be filed with the link provided below.

FAA Notice Criteria Tool Link

How to Notify the FAA

If you are required to notify the FAA, then you must electronically file a 7460-1 Form for the Construction or Alteration, for structures located OFF or ON airport property, the link is provided below.